Concert of Caribou

After a little break I decided to continue with my blog. This time I would like to write about concerts and events I have visited and do a little criticism.

The last concert I have been to was honestly the best concert of my life! Finally I had a chance to see CARIBOU. It was like my dream came true because I love Caribou since I first heard him.

From the very beginning to the very end the concert was perfect. It began with the song OUR LOVE from the new album and immediately I thought this is going to be awesome. I have to admit that Prague’s Meet Factory has a pretty good sound. I could hear every single instrument so clearly that it made this experience unforgettable. The band was great and Daniel is a great musician and composer. He can put together so many different sounds but it fits together perfectly. I would say that his music is sophisticated and every element has its good placement. The very last song was my most favorite song ever, SUN! I have never heard such a good version of this song. This was really like my dream came true. Also the light show was great. It was simple but effective.  There were maybe just three moments when I was thinking that what if it’s not gonna be the best concert. But then something even better came and I thought like yes! this is it!

Maybe it will sound funny but during this concert I realised what I want to do in my life and what are my goals which I have to achieve. It was definitely one of the top moments of my life. I think that just a concert of Radiohead can overcome this concert.

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I have always loved adrenaline sports and activities. As a birthday gift from my best friend I got a skydiving. I was very surprised, happy but I was worried sooo much that my parachute will not open.

 After we came to that small airport I got really nervous but before our jump I became pretty calm.The whole jump takes around 20 minutes. When I heard the loud engines of the plane I realised that it is really happening. I could feel the vibe everywhere in my body. It took some time to get to 4000m and this part was a bit boring because we could hardly hear each other. When I wanted to talk I had to scream even just to person next to me (which was my  skydiving pilot and who was very funny, always asking me some stupid questions).

After we reached 4000m the doors opened. I think that I could even hear my hart beating through that noise… JUMP! I have no idea what I was thinking for the first 15 seconds of the fall. But when my consciousness returned and I began to sense  that I am really skydiving and I became extremely excited, free and happy. But nobody warned me that it’s going to be that loud. Imagine that you are driving a really fast car, cabriolet, at speed little less than 220km/h and you lean out the car. The wind is super strong and loud that when I was screaming during the skydiving I almost didn’t hear myself. This lasted for a minute until we descend to 2000m where the parachute was opened. Suddenly, everything became almost silent. The rest of descent was very relaxing and fun.

I highly appreciate this experience and recommend it to everyone!!

BeeFree Festival 2014

It’s been a long time I haven’t post anything. I just took a little break after I finished my first year of university. But now I am back… hopefully.

I decided that I would like to focus more on concerts now and write something like a small review of these events.

This summer I went to many good electronic parties but the most recent event was Beefree Festival 2014. I went there for the first time but I’ve heard a lot about it so far. It was 12th year of this festival. I’ve heard lots of bad things about it but also lots of good things so I had to go there this summer to try it on my own skin.

I love electronic music and recently I am surrounded by people who make quality electronic music in Slovakia so electro is everywhere now in my life. At Beefree Fest there were 5 stages, for Techouse, House, Trance/Progressive, Techno and Dnb.

On techno and dnb stage I knew some DJs who were my friends (HU, Toky, Svetlux…) which I enjoyed pretty much. I love techno the most and even many people say that everything sounds still the same, that is not so true. A small change of an instrument can make a big difference in the song. If I had to make a list of stages from the best to the worst I would say that 1.techno, 2.Dnb,, 4.techouse and 5.trance/progressive. Trance was definitely the worse. I don’t understand how somebody can still listen and party on this music.

And what is awesome about this festival? That it takes 36-hour-long festival without any break. You can go crazy anytime of a day.


Jun 14, 2014

After my semester ended, I took a little break from writing this blog. But there have been few times I heard something I need to write about. 

At first, I went to one party at NEONE two weeks ago and I expected some really good music, but except the headliner techno DJ Egyptrixx it was a big shame. Other DJs couldn’t mix well and their selection of the music would fit more to some commercial club then NEONE. I was pretty disappointed. 

Secondly, I moved back to Bratislava for a summer break. I came back during the weekend and I have to say that Bratislava has a very specific sound over the weekend. It also depends which part you live in. But I will always remember the sound of my street and my area.  I live on a main street where tram goes every 5 minutes and when it’s coming, it is so loud that you can’t even hear your own words. The railways are the shame of Bratislava. It really makes the city look poor and destroyed. But on the other hand, when there is no tram passing by, the city is so quiet… for another 5 or 10 mins. You can hear a beautiful birds singing, there are almost no cars, just people talking somewhere in the distance. 

Bratislava is a city of contrasts. It can be very quiet and in 5 minutes you think that there might be an earthquake. But no, that was just a stupid tram.


Prague Vintage Fair

May 24, 2014

Since I had a little bit of free time during this saturday I went to watch one small fashion show at Prague Vintage Fair The show was very nice and all my friends who were catwalking were stunning. But I noticed one pretty rare thing. 

As it was in an old city hall, there was a live music during a show. The music was played by three clarinets and I think one bass, because I couldn’t see from behind the crow. The atmosphere was very chamber and splendid and music wasn’t loud at all so we could hear the clatter of model’s high heels. It was very unordinary for me, because usually I am one of the girls and silence in the audience is always making me very tense. 

First Live Try

May 23, 2014

So the end of semester came, the end of my first year at college. And so the live performances came, too. Our class from sound production and one more class from audio-visual 3D techniques (or whatever that class is called) had live performances of their works. For us it was first experience like this but the other class was finishing their second year at school. And you could tell the difference.

For my performance, my two classmates and me joined into a group. Our sound performance was supposed to be chaotic, but it was way too chaotic, five times more chaotic then we expected. Everything stopped working. It was a huge mess. The worst performance of all performances. But for me it was a big lesson though, embarrassing lesson. But I’m used to that:D These kind of things push me forward even more. 

I will explain at least our intention of our performance. We wanted to have two microphone. Each of them with different effects on. One mic for a voice and other one for some instrument, in my case for violin. Third girl was supposed to control the other two with midi controller and also play from samples or instruments in ableton. BUT nothing was working as we wanted and after a minute, everything stopped working in fact and everybody went outside. Now I can say that it was our purpose to let everybody leave. So we did it! We were successful with this unsuccessful performance!




May 22, 2014

I like when this happens, and it is happening to me quite often recently. While I was going home by metro this evening, I decided to play the whole album from Caribou. That kind of electro pop is something I really like.

Caribou used to be my favorite band few years ago and I used to listen to them daily. My favorite song from Caribou is Sun. And now I got a mood for them again. Their music is so inspiring to me. I have the same thoughts as I used to have before but in a new context. I definitely need to make some video where I’m gonna use the song Sun. I like electronic music with lots of elements, but each of them has something to do there. Listening to Caribou is always making me dreaming.


May 17, 2014

I think that everybody noticed that it was a little rainy out there those days. While walking with the umbrella, I took out my headphones and switched off the music for a while and focused on a sound what the water was making. The rain was not strong in that time and the sound it made I could compare to a clapping behind some wall, or falling needles knocking on my umbrella. 

Rain is like a great sound system, which has it’s own settings for every occasion. Different when it’s windy, almost silent with a rainbow, relaxing in the summer and different every next rain. 

10 Newcomers

May 18, 2014

It’s a sunday morning and after a breakfast I usually read some news and some interesting articles. I found one which seemed interesting, about 10 New Artists We Should Know About. It was about 10 new musicians. I like to support new artists because I know that every click helps to spread their name and music.

I didn’t listen to each of them, like that hip hoper or “Adele” kind of singer. But who I found ambitious and interesting was a punk rock band White Lung, I saw three of their videos and I liked each of them. The next one who I checked was the band Kitten. They were fine,very nice music. I am sure they will find many fans but I’m probably not one of them. Who I liked was the band NONONO, electro-pop band. There were songs I liked a lot and some I didn’t find good at all,too.

Ben Frost is other very ambitious DJ and producer. He will have a concert in Meetfactory, Prague (23rd of May) next week. His experimental electronic sound is very original! Another strong musician is Fatima Al Qadiri, in my opinion. She perfectly connected the asian style of music and modern electronic music. Great job! These two artists I consider as the best ones from this article.

Dayne S has some very nice and enjoyable house music, but not super original.

You can read the whole article here:

Nouvelle Vague

16. May 2014

Even though it’s May, the weather is more like in early April. It changes every five minutes and it effects my mood the same way. I became a little sentimental. And I found a perfect music for this mood. Of course I knew it before as well, but now it’s perfect for its comeback in my playlist. The band I am talking about is Nouvelle Vague.

I love their french style, it’s so soft and lovely. And their songs are in english and are very easy to understand. Perfect for daydreaming, perfect for falling asleep. And it helps me to calm me down in this stressful end of semester. I highly recommend their music.